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…all the sweets.  Send cake.

…all the sweets. Send cake.

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Love.  White and grey marble and a huge abstract piece.  I need to start painting because it is not affordable to buy canvases that size for all over my house.  


(via Bathroom Vanity Ideas)

Love.  White and grey marble and a huge abstract piece.  I need to start painting because it is not affordable to buy canvases that size for all over my house.  

Ok, this is so odd.

I was googling last night, and the middle name in question actually has a few definitions. The second of these being a “bad tempered or disreputable woman” and “flirtatious girl.”

I think we will have to pass on this name and come up with another “J.”

It is really difficult to choose a person’s identity. A name is so important!

And maybe we shouldn’t have told people names we were considering ahead of time…

But I like to hear what people think. It doesn’t hurt my feelings, but it does guide my decisions somewhat. I LOVED the name Clover for a long time - an Irish flower (weed), old fashioned, sweet and spunky. Then so many people told me it was a hippie flower child name or that of a cow or bunny that I don’t think I can pull the trigger on it. I don’t want her to be the weirdly named kid at school.

This weekend a random sales clerk went bananas over Clover, after asking what names we were considering. She kind of warmed me to it again. But I still don’t think I can do it to her.

Putting this out there.

So, we want to use a “J” name for our baby’s middle name in honor of Matt’s late mother, Jo-Ann. It’s a Jewish thing to use the first letter of a deceased relative’s name. I don’t like any J names for girls all that much, but Matt loves a certain one…and our friends make stripper jokes when they hear it. I don’t want people to immediately think “stripper” when they hear my baby’s name. I know it doesn’t matter what other people think, but it bugs. And jokes made after she arrives and officially has the name will REALLY bug. Any thoughts on what we should do? Come up with another middle name or stick with it because he really likes it? People always talk about the importance of a name being one the kid can live with…

I actually sort of cooked tonight. Like, barely - a side dish and a sauce…but it’s been so long.

I made rainbow chard.  The only greens I really enjoy are spinach, so I am trying to branch out.  Kale = gross.  It tastes like dirt in my smoothie, and that’s about all I’ve done with it.  Also, isn’t there something about having to “massage” kale?  Anyway, not really into it.  The chard was pretty good.  I sautéed garlic and red pepper flakes in butter and olive oil, then tossed the ribboned chard with it until it cooked down….added a bit of salt and lemon juice.  

I also made some savory greek yogurt to put on top of the salmon Matt grilled.  Basically I was trying to remember this Indian yogurt recipe - 1/4 a lime juiced, cumin, coriander, cilantro…and that’s all I added because it tasted pretty good.  I’m sure the actual recipe is even tastier, but it worked.

It was nice to have the energy and interest for the kitchen tonight.  I hope it sticks around.  

Beat it.

I find all the people on Facebook who sell for Beach Body or It Works or the nutritional shake/supplement companies SO ANNOYING.

NO, I don’t want to do your 21 day challenge, and NO, I’m not impressed by the before and after photos you post, and NO I don’t want to join your “team.”

Whatever happened to just eating healthy and exercising regularly? What’s with all the gimmicky companies popping up? I don’t want to be badgered so you can make money, people. I already know how to eat and workout, thanks.

The nursery is pretty much finished.  I keep window shopping online, and the bookcase is still kind of a mishmash of stuff because we don’t have too many books yet.  Also, a colorful rug on top of the blah carpet would be cute, but I’m a bit worried about tripping on it in the middle of the night  So anyway, we have all the essentials in place.  We didn’t paint, even though beige on beige is super boring, because the room isn’t that large.  I didn’t want it to seem even smaller with an accent wall or a darker color on all 4 walls.  Plus, the house is brand new - it was just painted, and neutral is better in case we have to move again anytime soon.  No crib skirt, because it looked stupid on the simple modern crib, and I am ok with foregoing dust catchers.  I have asthma and terrible allergies, so who knows about baby girl’s tendency towards the same.  The mobile is hung just outside of the crib, so she can gaze at it (once she can actually see that far), but there is no chance of it falling on her and getting tangled.  First time mom worry, I’m sure.

I am loving the “night night” print, the colored paper butterfly cutouts, the mobile, and the hanging clear plexiglass cube that has solved our where to put the baby monitor dilemma.  If this baby’s name doesn’t start with a C, Matt will kill me.  That is the second pain in the ass decal he has had to put up under my watchful OCD eye.  3 of our top 5 names begin with C, so there’s a good chance it will stay :)    

Mmmmm, oh my….

Mmmmm, oh my….

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I went to brunch planning on eating a bowl of healthy oatmeal.

Instead, I had a Belgian waffle with sliced peaches, toasted pecans, powdered sugar, and butter rum syrup.

Gonna kick those sugar cravings THIS week, apparently, because so far I have failed.

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